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What I offer

The beginning of your best skin ever

At Royal Bay Skincare (A Way of Life esthetics) I want to empower you by giving you the tools necessary to achieve your healthiest skin ever and give you  results to boost your confidence.   

I follow Dr Ben Johnson (Osmosis skincare) approach which is based on treating the whole self; focuses on holistically healing, not harming , features ingredients essential to activate repair; uses pharmeceutical-grade delivery systems; and treats challenging skin conditions no one else can. 

 Skincare evolves rapidly, some products and services are just trends and do not stay while some other have proven research to provide lasting results.  At Royal Bay skincare I only work with proven quality ingredients and by customizing every skincare appointment to your specific needs.  .  Your skin will be infused with proven technology and every recommendation comes with professional experience. 

I want to look at the root cause of your skincare concerns to instigate a permanent change and progressive treatments are the core value of every skincare plans I create with you. I want to become part of your healing journey when skincare problems such as acne, rosacea, aging skin are concerning you and I want to trigger confidence as you become empowered with the results you achieve. 

For many women regular facials are difficult to achieve.  Please understand that you are not alone.   80 percent of the work you do at home directly impacts your results, commit to one appointment a year to set up or review your skincare regimen is a perfect way to begin the journey to healthier skin.  

Esthetician especially skincare therapist have advanced training in skin health and I encourage you to visit me  when you feel confused, overwhelmed and lost with all the skincare options from online website, over the counter sales and multi level marketing companies.  My promise to you is that I will always respect your needs, only recommend what can make a change, help you understand an ingredient and/product and it's purpose and provide you with quality skincare. 




A Way of Life Studio

Welcome to my beautiful, clean studio located in the heart of Royal Bay.  I am looking forward to offer you some "Me Time"  I am an experienced esthetician and I specialize in advanced skincare.  I also provide waxing, tinting, brow shaping and lash lift.  Holistic treatments in a safe and welcome place for women only.